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Child Learning club

Welcome to Child Learning

 Open Education made possible by YOU




ChildLearning.Club’s Vision

Education should be a human right. Any content should have as few restrictions as possible to access it, and be as platform agnostic as possible to be available from a wide number of devices.



ChildLearning.Club’s Mission

The Child Learning Club is a website that is intended to be safe, open and freely accessable to every child everywhere. Our focus is to provide an environment to learn that is free and without Advertising, or Tracking.

Our Environment

As Mentioned Above We hope to create and Environment that is fun and engaging without many of the other things that you may find elsewhere. ChildLearning.Club is Free, does not have Advertising or Tracking and any Analytics are kept at the very minimum to monitor site health and use.

Learn By Doing

ChildLearning.Club uses H5P, an open source framework, to create interactive content for Children Ages 1-12. Content that is created using this software allows for children to be more engaged in the activities. Currently we only have content for the Ages 1-2 group click the link to see a few.